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Tanning Bed Lotions

Application of tanning bed lotions are usually an hour before every tanning session and immediately after each session. Tanning bed lotion acts as a protection for your skin reducing damage and helps in the acceleration of the tanning process.

Some vital ingredients in the tanning bed lotions such as tyrosine are used to induce stimulation of melanin production. Tyrosine is an amino acid that stimulates production of the skins pigmentation agent melanin. Tyrosine works together with UVB rays in stimulating more melanin production which after the oxidization of UVA rays, would produce the desired beach tanned colored skin.

Vast majority's of tanning bed lotions comes with a plus of Vitamin E. Vitamin E has an anti-oxidant effect, anti-oxidants are harmful particles that attacks our skin resulting in wrinkle and bad complexion usually more visible on the face. Tyrosine and Vitamin E in tanning bed lotions acts as a prevention for these kinds of damaging effects of tanning.

Copper is also another bonus in many tanning bed lotions. Copper which acts as a healing property reduces the visibility of scars and other minor blemishes which you could have gotten it from over tanning. Copper through some research and surveys happen to assists tyrosine in the production of some important brain chemicals. Mild euphoria can be experienced by regular tanners although research for anti-depressive applications is still in progress in the tanning industry till today.

All tanning bed lotions have moisturizers in them, these ingredients acts as magnifiers for the effects of tanning resulting from the UVA rays. The moisturizing elements in tanning bed lotions are also used to counteract the dry peeling after effect of the UVB rays.

That's not all folks; it gets better over here, almost all major leading tanning bed lotion brands contain hempseed oil and Aloe Vera, ingredients that replenishes your skin with nutrients guarding them in the process from the relentless damaging of the natural environment whether if it's rural or urban.

Tanning bed lotions can be used for many different purposes, they are formulated in a way to meet a lot of today's demanding market. Some are used as "tan accelerators" that comes with ingredients to amplify the effects of the tyrosine. Others are mainly used as after-tan's to replenish lost moisture and an added protection.

In this competitive tanning bed lotion industry, more and more idea's are cook up to attract more clients and customers. They even come with scent ranging to thousands of wide range variety. Are you a coffee addict??? Think latte??? Hungry for lime pie??? Better yet there's everybody's favorite "chocolate", which goes really well with your new tanned skin (care to lick me??? how sexy could you get). The customers demand it, the manufacturers produces it. For those that own their own tanning beds, request your distributor for some tanning bed lotions, they usually offer wholesale discounts as an incentive to purchase their equipment. If that's not enough to fulfill your imaginable needs, search and scour the internet for more info.

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If you would like to get more information visit the following website: Tanning Bed lotions

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