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What Can You Do to Prevent Hair Loss?

The cause of most hair loss is genetic. There is a gene you received from your mother that causes your hair follicles to die when you get an accumulation of DHT — a metabolite of ?testosterone. When the follicle dies, the hair falls out, and that’s that.

The only way to prevent genetic hair loss is to go back in time and select different ancestors. When you work out how to do that, let me know and we'll both make our fortune!

So, in the majority of cases you cannot prevent hair loss. However, hair?loss can be caused by a correctable problem. In these instances, treating the underlying problem will not only slow down the hair loss, but will als o?encourage hair already lost to grow back.

Hormonal Imbalances

The sex hormones of both male and female have an effect on hair growth, and when these hormones get out of balance you can lose hair. This happens most commonly in women whenever ?they have reproductive changes, such as menarche, pregnancy, childbirth or menopause. With normal changes like these, the problem will correct itself when ?hormone levels stabilize. Sometimes, though, your hormones may need to be regulated with medications.

Another hormone imbalance that causes hair loss is hypothyroidism. Having your ?thyroid checked, and then taking medication if needed, will prevent hair loss from low thyroid hormones.


You may find that some medications cause hair loss. Blood thinners, gout medications, birth?control pills and anti-depressants are among the chief culprits. If you start to notice excessive hair loss within the first few months after starting a new medication, talk to your ?doctor about it. They may change the medication to discourage or prevent hair loss from happening.

Fungal Infections

Adults are rarely bothered by any fungal infections of the scalp, but it can be a cause of ?temporary hair loss in infants and children. Immediate treatment of these scalp infections when they first appear will prevent hair loss of this kind.

Hair Care

Tightly braiding your hair, as in cornrows, can cause hair loss owing to the constant traction on the hair follicle. When the follicle becomes damaged, you will ?lose hair. This is usually only temporary, but if the problem goes on long enough the hair follicles will become scarred. If this happens, they won’t grow new ?hair. You can prevent this type of hair loss in two ways:

1) by keeping the braids loose, or
2) by not leaving them in for excessively long periods of time.

Permanents and hair dyes can also cause inflammation or damage to hair follicles. ?To prevent hair loss from hair care products, you should always follow all package directions completely, or have a qualified hair care professional carry out the operation.

You may not be able to prevent hair loss that’s genetic, but you can prevent hair loss that has ?some underlying cause. All you need to do is find out what the cause is and correct it. Usually, that will involve a trip to see your doctor so that they can ?determine if you have a problem that’s causing your hair loss. Even if you can’t prevent your hair from falling out, you can find treatments and remedies that will help ?your hair grow back and appear thicker. Most hair loss can’t be prevented, but it can be managed.


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